Mission: To inspire an enduring connection to the maritime heritage of Kingston and the Great Lakes.

Vision: To be Canada's premier museum for studying, exhibiting and preserving the maritime heritage of Kingston and the largest body of inter-connected fresh water lakes in the world.

Research Facilities

The Research Facilities at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes include;

  • the Audrey Rushbrook Memorial Library,
  •  and Gordon C. Shaw Study Centre.

The Audrey Rushbrook Memorial Library

The Audrey Rushbrook Memorial Library commemorates the late Audrey Rushbrook, the principal founder of the museum when it was established in 1976. Over 12,000 books and 250 periodical titles are catalogued in accordance with the Library of Congress system, and are searchable through the "Search the Collections" section of the Museum's website.

The scope of the Library is International and includes:

  • books on maritime and naval history;
  • navigation;
  • naval architecture;
  • marine engineering;
  • maritime archaeology;
  • maritime;
  • naval exploration;
  • and, many other related topics.

The Gordon C. Shaw Study Centre

The Gordon C. Shaw Study Centre commemorates the late Gordon Shaw, a generous benefactor of the Museum. The Study Centre provides a spacious and well lit area for all to Gordon Shawconduct their own research on questions of interest to them. 

The full resources of the Museum are available for study or consultation in the Study Centre.

This space offers researchers the unique opportunity of being able to handle the smaller artefacts and see at first hand how they were constructed, or used to access the archival, art and pictorial collections of the Museum.

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of maritime history is the adventure of research. The Marine Museum advocates a collegial approach to heritage research and preservation.

The professional or amateur mariner, researcher and student are well positioned while in Kingston with an abundance of resources available. The combined and unique holdings of multiple institutions including;

  • the Marine Museum,
  • Queen's University,
  • and Royal Military College Library are comprehensive.

There are also fine research resources at various institutions across the Great Lakes and many organizations that are generous in sharing information.

As part of a larger research resource base Museum staff would be pleased to refer you to other institutions, national and international when we are unable to meet your research requirements.

As of May 9, 2016, we cannot accommodate research requests due to extenuating circumstances. Check back here for updates regarding when research can recommence in our facilities.