Know the Ropes: Museum News and Stories

marine arms race on the Great Lakes

A reminiscence of strong wind on a relaxing afternoon

Nicholas Henderson and His Old-Timey Paintings
17 September 2021

marine arms race on the Great Lakes

We shall take control of the waters, so we may control the war!

The Marine Arms Race on the Great Lakes
10 September 2021

Bruce Kirby in International 14 foot dinghy
Bruce Kirby - A Canadian Sailing Legend on the International Stage
8 Sept 2021

Lightkeepers of the Lakes

Lighting our way through night...

Lightkeepers of the Lakes
4 August 2021

20th century ships on the Great Lakes

You get a ship! You get a ship! Everyone gets a ship!

20th Century Ships on the Great Lakes
26 July 2021

Theodore Too at the Museum

Toot! Toot! Welcome to the Great Lakes Theodore Too Tugboat!

Toot! Toot! Make Way for Canada’s Favourite Tugboat
27 July 2021

Fun With Flags

The schooners and dreadnaughts from the days of yore, how did they communicate with each other?

Fun with Flags at the Museum
7 July 2021

In The News

Dr Bob Gardiner donates to Phase II of the Museum’s Restoration Work.

Donor Story: From One of Kingston's Own
30 June 2021